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Lilium pyrenaicum

This is a clump forming lily from the Pyrenees, each stem bearing up to 12 pendant yellow "turkscap" flowers spotted with maroon in June and early July. It grows to about 36 inches (90 cm) and prefers a neutral soil in full sun or part shade.

The scent is very strong, often described as overpowering or even unpleasant when up close. In the still of early morning and on a warm calm mid-summer evening, however, the scent is intoxicating and pervades my whole garden. I grow it beside a scented yellow hemerocallis (variety unknown) that flowers at the same time and sweetens the stronger scent of the lilium pyrenaicum. In addition, the upright stems of the lilium pyrenaicum are a good foil for the strappy grass like foliage of the hemerocallis. As with most other lilies, leave the foliage to die back naturally after flowering.

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