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Erigeron karvinskianus

The small daisy flowers of this plant are borne in profusion from May right through to the first frosts and often beyond. Its preferred growing conditions are a fairly dry sandy sunny site. Like many plants, if the conditions are not right, it just will not be happy. However, the plant is freely seeding, and in my garden has self seeded itself into the areas that it prefers. From one plant in a container, it has self seeded itself all the way down the side of my house, at the point where the red brick meets the tarmac. Not a very hospitable growing environment you might think, but it seems to love it, even though the area only gets morning sun for a brief period. The plant is single stemmed, with a spreading habit and low growing (up to 6 inches) and so can be easily pulled out if in the wrong place. The flowers are a constant delight, starting off pink then turning to white. On one plant you will get a mixture of pink and white flowers throughout the season. Although the top growth was completely killed off by snow last year, the plants soon recovered and continue to look stunning in November.

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